my story

I grew up on a horse ranch outside of Los Angeles, California when I would spend my days swimming, playing in the mud, and collecting snails. I decided for myself at the age of four that I wasn't going to eat meat anymore - and stuck with it to this day. I studied Cultural Anthropology at University of California, Los Angeles, from which I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelors of Arts in the field. I quickly moved to the island of O'ahu after graduating. Somewhere in between all of this, I got certified to be a Hatha Yoga instructor in Todos Santos, Mexico, tangled my hair into dreadlocks, and fully committed myself to a plant based lifestyle.  


After calling O'ahu home for about a year, I decided to pack up my stuff and embrace a nomadic lifestyle. 


I am madly in love with this planet Earth, truly fascinated with all forms of life that I get to share this home of ours with, and deeply inspired by the magic that surrounds me everyday. I think to myself often “how did I get to lucky to end up on this planet?”. 


I was on the go experiencing cultures from around the world living from hostel to hostel, island to island, out of my backpack. Traveling solo, as a female, and doing everything society had convinced me I should be scared of. 


One day i’ll live in the jungles and deserts of the world with indigenous tribes and document my experience through photography.  

For now, i’m just going with the flow of life, and mindfully making the choice to be happy. Fearless in that pursuit, always. I currently call the North Shore of Kaua'i home. Where I spend my days working on my online businesses, mentoring my team of entrepreneurs, gardening, gathering fruit from the trees on my property, surfing, hiking, playing, and taking sunset walks along the bluffs.


Thank You for visiting my site and following along my journey . 

I’m here to share my passion for empowerment, holistic living, traveling, photography, art, poetry, and healing from the inside out. 


here is my journey


With L O V E,


ps. Let's start your f*cking business, babe. 🕊️

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so she was (12).png