the art of turning water

into wealth 

Alchemy With Water is my business within the Know Your Why Community that I started. This is my line of work specifically with water ionizers. After years of being skeptical about alkalized, ionized water, it finally clicked one day where I realized that it was fully in alignment with the life I wanted to live (and how I wanted to show up in the world) and although I was still very skeptical about the price and if the water was worth it - the business felt like a full body yes. 

The thing is, I had no interest in being a sales woman. I had no interest in selling high priced water ionizers (or anything really) to anyone. I believed that all water was the same and that ionized water was essentially the same as a Britta filter. I thought the people who were trying to get you to buy a machine weren't telling you everything about the machine and we're just "trying to make a sale". This stopped me from purchasing a machine for years... but, I truly believe that everything happens in divine timing, so it just wasn't my time then.

You can read more about my journey here.

So here I am, over three years into my business as a distributor and oh so happy that I invested. If you've followed along on my social media, you've seen this all unfold (feel free to revisit my old posts @tarynashh). It has truthfully changed my life for the better in countless ways. Freedom has always been my priority in life which I have always had in one way or another, but what I was subconsciously seeking (and found) was purpose.

I love what  I get to do every single day. It feels good. aligned. impactful. It doesn't feel like work (but not to glamorize this lifestyle because sis, entrepreneurship IS endless work). The sacrifices at the beginning (money to invest, and time given to the business) came with so much ease. It has always felt right in my heart. I love that I get to be creative. I love that I help people's health (mental + physical). I feel good in the way that I make money. It doesn't exploit this planet and actually helps people cut down on single use plastic in many ways beyond just water bottles. The company is rad, ethical, and trustworthy. It truly does feel like i've found gold.


What a true blessing it's been to have the freedom to: slow down, spend days growing food on my four acres of land, consume the highest quality nourishment for my body, drink some of the purest + most hydrating water possible, not have to request time off work for special days or trips back to the family, not have to worry about paying rent or unexpected bills.... but it's been so much more than this - 

But beyond all this is that through this, i'm able to make an impact beyond just my own life.

To help other people find purpose in their life. To make money by share this incredibly generous business opportunity. Getting the most healing water into their homes + bodies. Helping them truly live cleaner + more respectful lifestyle for their planet. 

The way this business is set up is different from anything i've seen or personally experienced. It's this fluid circular economy where everyone is supported in the most beautiful of ways. No one is exploited. We are not in competition with one another (commonly our coworkers) for that raise or promotion. There is enough for everyone and you feel that.


It really changes lives. A personal development journey with a compensation plan attached. 

It all just feels like a dream.... that I had been calling in for so long.

It is my honor to share this with you. 


Reach out to me if you feel that you want to learn more - otherwise how am I supposed to be able to help you?

My service is to share this with everyone I possibly can.

This is Alchemy With Water,

the art of turning water into wealth.

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