From daily boat rides to surf breaks, friendly locals, empty white sand beaches, to fresh coconuts right outside our bungalow we fell in love with Siargao.

How can you make small daily changes in your routines to make big changes for the planet?  Just like that, Earth day came and went. We did our obligatory instagram posts, we spent some time outdoors.  We did our best on that day to recycle,  and had some conversations about the importance of our planet.    So, now what? How do we keep spreading this love for our planet long p...

Are you ready to experience how good your body can actually feel? Here are my ten favorite SIMPLE juice recipes -

J U I C E 

I'm not talking about that refined sugar, preservative packed, pasteurized, high fructose corn syrup crap, "vitamin infused" liquid you'll find in one of the aisles of your generic grocery store... 


This is all about that real, fresh pressed, organic, and raw juice. Doesn't have to be green - but lets be honest, it probably will be. 

If you've been following me on s...

Everything you need to know about traveling to the Thai Islands. We took three weeks in the Southern Islands of Thailand on long tail boats and ferrys.

One year ago I was bundled up trying to stay warm as I roamed the crowded streets of London. Walking solely by foot in such a big city gave me a lot of time to tune out, turn in, and think. It quickly filled my soul with a ton of new inspiration.  

It was the beginning of my solo travels, and in a sense, the journey to find myself. When you travel alone, you are able to give all y...

Read Part 1 - The Realization ( h e r e )

It's true, Valentines Day is only going to be a bad day if we let it.

It's all perspective. It's all attention. It's all our energy. 

We are SOUL-ly in charge of making the conscious decision for ourselves.

So, what is your perspective?

From the time I was a little girl in primary school I was ecstatic about the holiday. 

I loved getting dresse...

You won't see me complaining about not having a date this Valentines day.

No, I won't be sulking around giving the stink eye to all the couples being all lovey dovey in the cafe booth next to me.

You won't catch me sobbing at home watching The Bachelor with a pint of vegan Ben N Jerrys in hand.

And, I sure as hell won't be taking smack on all the couples who are expressing their lov...

The No B.S. Guide to all things

C  A  N  G  G  U

I spent the last three months living in Bali, and of two of those months, I was lucky enough to call Canggu home. I've partnered with the guys behind CoWorkSurf to make this honest, and truthful guide based on my experience living in this hip, surf paradise. 

I called the CoWorkSurf Villa home for those two months...

Still floating from a very magical weekend in Ubud at a Yoga Retreat put on by

My Light & Bliss.

We spent a full weekend nurturing our minds, bodies, and bellies at the ever so peaceful, Villa Madu, tucked in the jungle just above the hustle and bustle of the heart of Ubud. 

Nina, the creator of my light + bliss, and organizer of this yoga retreat, did a beautiful job at making sure...

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Hello there, I'm Taryn.

After graduating college with a B.A. in Anthropology, I decided that the 9-5 life wasn't for me. I packed my bags and moved to the island of O'ahu. A year later, I packed up my bags once again and started traveling the world. I have now been to 20 countries and do most of my traveling solo. I'm passionate about living a vegan, sustainable, and conscious life. I travel to connect and embrace myself in cultures around the world and learn from all the people I meet.

I currently live on the island of Kaua'i.


I am a listener by nature,

but I enjoy writing - this is my story