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the sign you've been looking for





It took me years, literally years, to figure out how to work solely online to sustain the lifestyle I was living. I promised myself back in 2017 after returning home from my first ever solo trip that I would be self employed for the rest of my life. I knew that I needed freedom to travel and work from anywhere in the world, on my own schedule, as my own boss - I just had no idea how I was going to keep that promise to myself. But, i'm happy to say, I held myself true to that promise. 


I started doing content creation for companies for free stuff, then eventually, I started getting paid. That was a long process before I even made a dollar. When the jobs did come, they'd be far and few in between and didn't pay much anyways. 

I've also done a lot of work trades in my life. I've lived with a family watching their kiddos in Switzerland, I've lived on a tiny island on Portugal helping with a startup tech company, I've helped open up a coworking spot in Bali... all amazing opportunities that let me live in amazing places all over the world, but I wasn't making ANY money from that.


Incredible, yes. 

Sustainable? No.

I've been managing brands and businesses social media accounts for about a year and a half now - working closely with yoga retreat centers, yoga teachers, coworking locations, and ethical clothing companies. I absolutely love what I do but it's hard to pick up new jobs. When you reach out to companies offering your services, they usually already have someone handling it or don't have it in their budget to pay someone else to do it.


I also got to the point where I didn't want to post on my own social media anymore because I felt so overwhelmed with posting on the other accounts that I managed. I was making other peoples businesses thrive and giving all of my effort and energy into that at the expense of myself - sound familiar?

I watched as my best friend created the life she had always envisioned and had told me she was manifesting while we were both still living on O'ahu. She was helping people become the best version of themselves, spreading consciousness on environmental issues, and making an abundance of income in the process.

She told me many times, how I needed to trust her on this but

I resisted.


I was scared to invest in myself.

I had a bad relationship with the little money to my name

and felt that I needed to hold onto every last penny. 


I booked a trip to Bali in March to spend some time with my best friends, to surf and to attend a yoga retreat because flights were insanely cheap. I was having serious doubts if that was the right decision after analyzing the number displayed as my bank account total. Sure, the flights were cheap - but how was I about to afford the entire month in Bali?! Hello, $2 warung meals. 

Safe to say that was the biggest risk and best financial decision I could have made because it led me to realize I needed to make a change in my life. After spending a few days at your best friends villa in Bali living the life you once had, but didn't anymore because of finances - well, that was enough to get me damn inspired. I needed to address and acknowledge my relationship with money.

I needed to realize I was in control of my financial abundance

(or lack there of).


My financial situation shifted the day I arrived. It all happened so effortlessly, in divine timing, and i'm a firm believer in everything happening exactly as it should.




You are here reading this right now for a reason

For whatever reason you were called to this message.

I'm here to guide you on your journey to

financial abundance.


Join our community of like-minded, health conscious, moviated individuals who are promoting wellbeing, environmental sustainability and financial abundance. We work entirely from our laptops and phones using successful marketing strategies and brand building.


Everyone is selling something.

If you work at a clothing store, you are selling clothing. If you work at Whole Foods, you are selling groceries. If you work as a professor, you are selling an education.

Why not sell something that aligns with you and greatly benefits others as well?


You will be your own boss. You will have your own online business. You will create your own hours and put as much or as little time into your business. You will have a supportive and inspiring community with you. You will have mentorship and guidance throughout your entire process. You will be as successful as you believe you will be.


You can pay $100k to attend a university with no guaranteed job after graduation. You can invest $200k into a vegan cafe and be there every single day for the next twenty years. You can spend $60 on new khakis for your work uniform at target. Everything in life is an investment. Invest in things you believe in. Invest in a world you want to see. Invest in yourself.

I'd have people reach out to me asking how they could live the free spirited, nomadic lifestyle like I do and all I could really tell them was, 

"well, I just make it work" 

now, I can actually help.

I'll provide you with training and a business opportunity to create an additional stream of income into your life.