10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Travel

The world is definitely unsafe

It's true. The world is full of bad people, bad places, and bad situations. You'll definitely end up at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and all sorts of wrong things will happen. You honestly just better stay home....

The news is always right

It's on TV and online for a reason, thats because it's always true. There really only is bad stuff happening in the world....

your job is more important

Yes, that 9 - 5 job that you are reaaaally not stoked on. The one where you sit in an office all day, looking up photos of Costa Rica on google images. But you've been working with them for a while now, and even though your supervisor is a raging bitch, it's not too bad now that you've learned how to kiss her ass. I mean, it's not really what you see yourself doing for the rest of your life, but what can you do... it's not like you can quit or anything....

you can't afford it

After your daily coffee from only the trendiest coffee shop in a 50 mile radius, premium gas for your oh so, premium car, hair appointment, monthly cosmopolitan subscription, designer shoe shopping addiction, two gel manicures, and a spa pedicure later.. you really just can't find the extra money. Oh, and let's add the weekend binge fests at the bars because it's the only escape from your stressful job. oh, oops, and then those ubers home. Yeah, you know... just the necessities. Let's just be honest with ourselves here, there's no way you could ever start to save money for traveling....

having a fancy car is necessary

It's important to drive only the newest, and shiniest Mercedes Benz that you have to spend 20 minutes finding street parking for outside of your apartment, and let's not even begin to discuss street cleaning days.... but seriously, how else would people know that you work... really, really hard....?

you wont have any friends

when you get back

So, say you do actually leave (don't)..... no one is going to still be your friend when you get back. They continue on with their lives, get married, have kids. And definitely none of your old friends are going to want to hear about how you lost all your money traveling.... and honestly, if you were my friend, i'd stay away from you too, just in case you ask to borrow money from me to get your life back on track. You'll obviously have no stories or new outlooks on things to share, and you'll probably smell really, really bad.

you don't have anyone to travel with

Never travel alone. Thats just asking for problems. Actually, if you even attempt to travel alone.. you'll never make it. It's a big, cruel world out there just waiting for people who are vulnerable and solo to make it's victim. Even if you do try, you'll never make friends. Plus, who would take photos of you in front of all the tourist attractions that people spend thousands to go visit just to take a photo in front of?? It's called learn photoshop and photoshop yourself into those photos. Duh.

your partner doesn't want you to

Thank god you are with someone who is so supportive of you following your dreams, considering your dreams consist of not traveling anywhere besides to your local trader joes. Good find. They are a keeper. Listen to everything to say, and obey them. You'd be a fool to lose someone like that....

you'll definitely get sick

Your body will never be able to fight off all those foreign, weird, scary, and incurable germs. Once you're sick, you're sick forever. Now you'll just be sick AND broke......

it's a waste of money,

and you'll get in debt

I've said this 20 times already, but lets just make it clear - traveling is just a pointless way to spend all the money you've worked so hard to make. I mean, there's literally NO WAY to travel cheaply. Hostels will give you bed bugs, nothing is free to do in foreign countries, and ugh.... public transportation or.. dare I say it, walking?!?!

yeah right..... let's be honest, not only will you come home with no money... you'll be in debt.







are you?

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