When Alone

When alone in a forest

is one truly alone?

Trees towering my very being

What did I come here for?

And so, I wandered for miles

Perhaps you stayed still

Along my path, the wolf

--the sun rose

and here, I made a left

When alone in a forest

is one truly alone?

Towering trees, your very being

What did you come here for?

Blue waves across a butterflies wings

You dream of golden horses

Of many things; awake, I dream

At noon the river was a mirror

Take a sip of the water, gently part your lips

Words of silence spoke sounds of trust

in a voice of honesty

in a language of love

The closer I went out

The further you came in

And so, we wandered for miles

From different edges of the world

Crossed many oceans to sleep under the same stars

Miles turned to minutes, minutes turned into months

It was along our connected paths,

We traveled around the sun

In a cocoon of silk, I rested peacefully

To wake up in a room of rainbows

Along your path, I flew

--the sun set

and here, you made a right

There will always be a first sunrise,

just as certain to come a last sunset

Dozens of golden hours

We have shared in the seconds between

I no longer have interest in counting the leaves

Today, I have found attraction in the whispers of the breeze

does separation create space

or space create separation?

is this a beginnings end,

or an ends beginning?

Space is sacred

You must seek your truth

Sometimes questions don't have answers

I am at peace with knowing

This was not our time to leave the forest

There is still much to learn

When alone in a forest

is one truly alone?

thank you.