What's to Hate About the Holiday of Love? Pt. 1 - The Realization

You won't see me complaining about not having a date this Valentines day.

No, I won't be sulking around giving the stink eye to all the couples being all lovey dovey in the cafe booth next to me.

You won't catch me sobbing at home watching The Bachelor with a pint of vegan Ben N Jerrys in hand.

And, I sure as hell won't be taking smack on all the couples who are expressing their love all day on social media.

That's because I don't think it's cute, funny, or necessary

to hate on a holiday that celebrates Love.

The hardest part about Valentines Day is simply just the amount of people hating on a day where love is motive.

Yeah, Valentines Day is arguably an irrelevant "holiday", perhaps just a fabrication devised by greeting card and candy companies to promote consumerism in our materialistic world. Along the years, it's been instilled in our culture that a heart shaped box of mediocre milk chocolates, and an overpriced massive teddy bear probably made in a sweat shop, signifies someones devotion of love for another. I like to think that i'm lucky I don't have someone trying to express their love for me in these ways. Underneath all these distractions, there is something truly special about this day.

When it comes down to it, It's a day to celebrate love,

and that's really all that matters.

I'm not just talking about romantic love. I'm talking about the simple things around you expressed in tiny devotions of love. The little birds singing outside your window with the rising morning sun. The dew drops gathered on the leaves of your driveway. The barista at your local coffee shop remembering how to spell your name correctly. Your sister calling you at midnight to tell you to go outside and look at the full moon.

Maybe you're not in a happy relationship, or fuck, in a relationship at all, and i'm here to tell you that's alright. You are so worthy of celebrating, feeling, and expressing love. Let today serve as a reminder of all the love that exists in this world in which you are a part of.

Perspective is everything

Change your perspective and see what changes.

The simple fact that you can notice it, means you are part of it.

To be able to recognize this love, any love, means that you are acknowledging the very same love within yourself.

Today especially is a perfect opportunity to count your blessings, take a look around, and notice all the small collective miracles of love around you.

beside you.

amongst you.

within you.

On a day focused on love, focus on that love.

you are that love.

you are that love.


cultivate that love.

share that love.

spread that love.

It's only a bad day if you want it to be.

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