SO SHE WAS - Turns O N E

One year ago I was bundled up trying to stay warm as I roamed the crowded streets of London. Walking solely by foot in such a big city gave me a lot of time to tune out, turn in, and think. It quickly filled my soul with a ton of new inspiration.  

It was the beginning of my solo travels, and in a sense, the journey to find myself. When you travel alone, you are able to give all your attention to your surroundings, without distractions. Turning your attention first to your outer surroundings, then turning your attention, without effort, inwardly.

You work on your own schedule. You work on your own desires.

You work on you. 

I remember the day so vividly, I opened up my laptop in my chic hostel in Hyde Park and turned my thoughts into something tangible. It kept repeating in my head,

So She Was. 

So She Was.

So She Was.

So, I typed it out.

and saw it for the first time. 

and, so she was. 

That was the start of it all. 

I now sit, bare-skinned and barefoot, in a damp bikini, writing this from the warm and nurturing island of Bali, which I like to refer to as my home now.

I wanted to share my journey with whoever found their way to my page. 

I wanted to share my appreciation and admiration of this planet we get to call home.

I wanted to share my understanding and respect for all living creatures here.

I wanted  to share my writings, my inner workings.

I wanted to share my art, in all forms of expressions. 

So I Did. 

Thank you for being with me along this journey.

For supporting me, and showering me with kindness, connection, and compassion.

For teaching me and letting me listen.

Oh, what a year it's been. 

And many more years to be.

The love i've found in simply being.