in your twenties

your twenties should be a time of freedom 

of going, and getting, and letting go 

all at once 


your twenties should be a time of willingness

of definitelys, of absolutelys, and of hell yes-es

every damn day 


your twenties should be a time of growth

of listening, of learning, and of seeing 

in every hour


your twenties should be a time of connection

of people, of places, of experiences 

in every minute


your twenties should be a time of opportunity 

of passion, of devotion, of motivation 

in every second 


your twenties should be about you 

just because you're not tied up in school

doesn't mean you need to be tied up in work 


walk with the playful nature of your childhood 

and run with the rebellious style of your adolescence 


focus not on the chapters,

but first, realize it's all the same book 


who are you?


what do you want?


follow that truth. 


it belongs to you,


ONLY you


take it, and run with it, 

dance with it,

then sleep with it 


Your twenties should not be a time of deadlines,

of meetings,

of "why isn't he texting me back" 

of weakness, of submission, of passivity


remove the word cant, and see what happens

forget the word wont, and see who shows up


TODAY, i am twenty 

and today, I am thriving

to be honest  


TODAY, i am twenty

and today is the best day 

to be truthful


to myself.


I deserve it.  


I always have. 


I always will. 






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February 16, 2018

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